Magyar Íj Alapítvány

Based on the findings from the graves, the grip was stiffened with plates, which were made of deer antlers.


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The grip consists of the following parts:

  • wooden core,
  • side grip plates made from deer antler,,
  • sinew,
  • dorsal grip peg, slab or rod.

Based on the findings, the inner porous substance of the antler plate should be removed, while the crust should keep its natural arc.

Regarding their typical form, the grip plates are categorized in three main groups: asymmetric-broken, asymmetric arched and symmetrical.

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photo: dr. Bíró Ádám

The grip angle of the Hungarian Bow is 180° or smaller.

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To define the grip angle, a direct support may be provided by the rear arch of the grip plate (pointing towards the archer).

The fitting and fixing of the horn plates, running through the limb and typicaly ending on the grip, was applied by grip peg, slab or rod.

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