Magyar Íj Alapítvány

The formal shaping of the Hungarian Bow’s ear is almost the 'trademark' of the bow. The slim, minimal weighted ear stiffener plates are containing such typical and formal elements, which corresponding to our actual knowledge - aside from the few exceptions - are typical for the Hungarian bows only.

Such is the relatively long ear-forehead (above nock) formation.

szarv ok EN


The ear consists of the following parts:

  • wooden core,
  • lateral ear plates shaped out of antlers,
  • sinew,
  • in some cases frontal ear rods or dorsal ear plates.


Based on the acquired knowledge from the findings, the inner porous substance of the antler plate should be removed, while the crust keeps its natural arc.

szarv metszet EN  szarv kereg EN

photo: dr. Bíró Ádám

When forming the ear plates, the typical shapes should be applied:

  • „headed”,
  • „headless, broken end” and
  • „headless”.
szarv formak EN
photo: dr. Bíró Ádám