Magyar Íj Alapítvány


with the support of the Ministry of Human Resources and
the Ministry of Agriculture

in order to honour the bow making handicraft requiring deep research works and thorough preparations, and
for inspiring the most authentic 9-11th century Hungarian bow reconstruction,
if possible, would like to announce competition every year to win


That bow maker may get awarded,
whose bow - made out of passion or on commercial basis - complies the requirements for the judgement,
and the bow was proposed for awarding by the Jury, asked by the Board of Trustees of the Hungarian Bow Foundation (hereinafter: Foundation).


I. The award

● HUNGARIAN BOW OF THE YEAR acknowledgment diploma
● Customized gold plated plaquette
● Each year, a specific amount of support for making additional bows

The second and third placed bows will receive a charter certificate.


II. Requirements for the competition

  1. For awarding, the maker of the bow may apply for.
  2. The award is for the maker of the bow.
  3. A bow maker may apply with 3 bows maximum.
  4. One bow may win the award only once.
  5. The application is free.
  6. By sending in the application, the maker of the bow contributes for a picture and a video to be made of him and the bow, which can be publicized with the information regarding the competition.
  7. After the announcement of results, all bows will get back to their makers, the documentation is kept by the Foundation.
  8. The Board of Trustees members and the Juries, and their relatives may not apply for the award.


III. The way of handing in the application

  1. The application form must be filled in electronically and sent on the website of the Foundation.
  2. Together with the application forms per bow, at least 3 HD pictures (5 megapixels at least) has to be uploaded, about the quiescence, stringed and strained state of the bow.
  3. Above these, a Statement is needed to be filled out, signed and sent by post to the mailing address of the Foundation.
  4. In case the application material with deficient or unclear information, the Foundation may ask for rectification via email once, with three (3) days of due. In case of unsuccessful rectification, the application may be refused.
  5. The arrival of documentation and rectification is confirmed by the Foundation via email, with which the makers of the bows are receiving an invitation to the judgement and the following announcement of results, where to they have to bring their bows tendered.


IV. The requirements of the judgement

  1. The professional judgement of the bow is made by the Jury asked by the Foundation's Board of Trustees, by whose decision the Board decides about the adjucation of the 'Hungarian Bow of the Year' award.
  2. The basic requirement for the judgement is the compliance of the bow to the description and parameters of the „9-11th Century Hungarian Bow” declared as Hungarikum.
    See here: Description
  3. The practical examination of the bows is as per the following.
    1. The Jury examines the bow and talks with the bow maker about the circumstances of the making of the bow.
    2. For practical exam the maker has to string the bow (in case it is needed, we provide help).
    3. During the examination the bow maker (or the person asked by him/her) has to make test shots with the bow (in case it is needed, we provide help). The shots have to be done with - at least three - arrows provided by the maker, supplied with target shooting tips, made of wooden body and provided with bird feathers.
    4. During the practical examination, the committee makes a physical-mechanical examination on the bows as well.
  4. After the practical examination the Jury withdraws and during closed seating, furtherly observes the unstringed bows (checking the dimensions, quality and aesthetics aspects, etc.) and proposes for awarding.

We draw the attention of the bow makers that the part of the Hungarikum criterion is the natural based string! Even if the testing shots are made with materially modern string, the existence of the natural string is still necessary.

Based on the received feedbacks we rather decided to make it not necessary to apply with a natural based string, but during the jurisdiction, the bows falling under similar judgement, we prefer the bows with natural string!


V. The chronology and runoff of the competition regarding the year is available on our website

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A pályázati dokumentáció

  • The call for competition (will be) downloadable by clicking on the icon:  pdf icon 32
  • The electronic form is available by clicking here

  • The Statement is available by clicking here

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